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Since 1989, Toner Plastics, inc. has been innovative with plastics. The products and services available through Toner Plastics, Inc. are as diverse and versatile as the companies we serve.  We will manufacture an extruded profile or tube to your exact specifications with an uncompromising commitment to quality. Whether it is a custom extruded part you need or a standard part, we will respond quickly and create something that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

We can talk about our dedication, high level of quality as well as our ongoing goal of exceeding our customer’s expectations, but what we think really gives us an advantage over our competitors is that we have a sister compounding company; S&E Specialty Polymers (www.sespoly.com).  This relationship allows us to customize formulations for your individual requirements and test them in our state of the art laboratory quickly and cost effectively. At Toner, we will be your partner through all facets of product development and give you unparalleled service because we realize that your success is our success!


 “Hope Valley” beads and South Africa!

What do The Beadery™ from Hope Valley, RI and South Africa have in common?  The hope of Artist Selven O’keefe Jarmon and The Art League of Houston to reinvigorate interest in the traditional craft of beading.

The 360 Degrees Vanishing project started when Houston based artist Selven O’Keefe Jarmon visited South Africa and observed local artisans making and selling beaded products.  Beading is an art form and a way of life in the African country. In speaking with the beaders, Jarmon learned that the art form was in danger of being lost because young people were not interested in learning the craft and keeping the tradition. He was inspired to try to promote the craft by undertaking a project that would create large scale tapestries made of beads. 

In collaboration with artist Selven O’Keefe Jarmon, Art League House and Rice Public Art, 16 highly skilled South African beaders have traveled to Houston to take part in the art work and to help volunteers learn the craft.  The South African beaders will assemble the tapestries out of 10-by-15 inch sections which will be mounted on the Art League of Houston’s exterior walls.  The installation is scheduled to stay up for a full year, after which it will be disassembled and sold to art collectors. He hopes that this project will showcase the South African beaders’ talents, and bring attention to bead craft and techniques used. 

The Beadery™, the oldest molder of plastic beads in the United States founded in 1932, is proud to be the supplier of beads used in the “360 Degrees Vanishing” project.  This project will use in excess of 350,000 acrylic beads produced by the Beadery.  The custom injection molder with its own line of acrylic and styrene beads sells throughout the world and is also known for manufacturing the US made version of The Rainbow Loom ™.  The Wonder Loom™, used for making rubber band bracelets was at the top of every child’s list for Christmas of 2013.  

For additional information, please contact Joe Ritacco at 401-539-2432.


In August, Toner Plastics was a part of one of six sessions at the Wal-Mart Manufacturing Summit in Denverwhere Wal-Mart revealed their hopes to create "a movement that generates American jobs by supporting more American manufacturing".